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20th February 2019
:: Blog | October 2009 (13 blogs) | As a person, adviser, company or government, HOW do you plan for this?

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As a person, adviser, company or government, HOW do you plan for this?
You simply can’t get away from the subject of increasing life expectancy for any number of reasons. Of course it is very important to the world of pensions given the impact that it has on retirement planning.

So, the news that half of the babies born in the UK today will become centenarians must put the nail in the coffin of a few more defined benefit schemes.

It keeps annuitisation in the spotlight too. Not to mention a recent article about the possibility of raising the state pension age to 75 or 80 (See Blessed relief).
For those of you interested in the subject, here are three broadly connected articles including a link to a map which shows the world population in a new way. And, an article looking at any correlation between the economic cycle and mortality, using the Great Depression as an example. See
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