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20th June 2019
:: Blog | May 2009 (9 blogs) | Bank of England sets out inflation predictions

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Bank of England sets out inflation predictions
Inflation plays a major part in retirement planning for any number of reasons, including:
  • those millions of scheme members with preserved benefits in a defined benefit scheme, whose future pension will depend upon the revaluation that is granted between the date they ceased to be an active member, right up to the date they draw their benefits.
  • policyholders due to buy an annuity – whether to buy an escalating pension, and if so at what rate.
  • pensioners – typically pensioner inflation is significantly higher than for the working population as statistics reveal that a higher proportion of their income is spent on council tax, utility bills and food. 
So, today’s report on inflation produced by the Bank of England is a must-read for anyone involved in pensions. If you don’t have time to read all of the report in full, we’ll publish links to articles in the media as they filter through today and tomorrow. See:
Mike Jones, Ltd, May 13th 2009

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