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19th October 2019
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Cash Incentives
This page provides links to documents and websites about inducements that you may find useful. Where there are links to external documents or websites these are included:
  • for further relevant information or other key source material
  • for background information
  • for useful practical information
  • for further informed comment.  
Cash incentives to transfer - a 5 page Quicknote, one specifically written by MyCompanyPension for active members and one for preserved members of a defined benefit scheme. (HTML and also available as PDF)
Internal link to MyCompanyPension Factsheets.
Inducement offers A 10 page booklet issued by The Pensions Regulator in January 2007. With useful guidance for scheme members employers and trustees. 
External link to The Pensions Regulator website.
Tax and National Insurance Treatment of Cash Inducement Payments Issued on 24th January 2007, this guidance from HM Revenue & Customs explains its view on the tax and National Insurance. (HTML)
External link to HMRC website.
Occupational Pensions Schemes - Employer lump sum payments to pension scheme members to surrender or exchange their pension rights This 3 page document, produced in January 2007 by HMRC is internal guidance which will be incorporated within the Employers Income Manual. 
External link to HMRC website. 
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