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18th November 2019
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Current pension challenges 'Most serious in 35 years' 
When someone as respected as Stewart Ritchie stands up and says that the current challenges in pensions were "as serious as any I can remember in the last 35 years", heads turn and people listen.
Announcing his forthcoming retirement, Ritchie added that the biggest change in his career had been the shift from defined benefit to defined contribution schemes and that to help resolve the challenges the biggest hope of rescue was financial education. "As long as people understand what a good pension costs, then they are at least beginning on the journey to make sure they take responsibility for their own retirement."
Well, we’re with Stewart on that comment. We believe pension communication and good pension guidance are an essential element to engaging the public in meaningful retirement planning. And, we try to do our bit to help with this pension education website, but then Dick Nunn our very own resident actuary worked at Scottish Equitable where Stewart has been for many years. See:
Mike Jones,, 15th July 2008

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