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20th August 2019
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DWP Research Report No 603 - The Economic Basis For The Regulation of Pensions 
DWP Research Report No 608 - Defined Contribution Pension Provision 
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Cutting through the pensions gobbledigook 
It's not too difficult to develop a knack of communicating complex pension issues in a simple way to members of the public. If you’re a regular reader of our comments, you’ll know that we tend to use analogies as a way to explain what can often be difficult pension matters.
However, I think it would take us a while to explain the concept of ‘conditional indexation type pensions’ and ‘collective defined contribution plans’.

If you’ve not heard of these before, (and they’re possibly not quite what you think their titles might suggest) take a look at pages 35-38 in the section headed, Implications for designing a new regulatory regime for pensions (Chapter 9). 

I thought we were supposed to be trying to make understanding pensions easier? See:
And recently, everyone’s been banging on about improving member communications in respect of encouraging more engagement in retirement planning.

Well, as useful a document as it is (and the facts and figure in the research document are indeed very illuminating), this report could have been so much more visually stimulating. Black and white charts and graphs with grey tones and no colour.

10/10 for content: 3/10 and ‘could do better’ for design. See:
Mike Jones, Ltd, October 30th 2009

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