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20th August 2019
:: Blog | February 2009 (16 blogs) | Dramatic increase in transfer values from final salary schemes

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Dramatic increase in transfer values from final salary schemes
I know that many individuals and companies that receive these news updates are actively involved in dealing with pension transfer analysis. From October last year, the onus for the calculation basis of transfer values switched to the scheme trustees when previously the responsibility fell on the shoulders of scheme actuaries.
An article in the reveals that some cash equivalents have increased by as much as 85% because of the introduction of scheme specific transfer values.  So, I’d be very interested to hear from you if you have actual experience of any dramatic increases to transfer values from defined benefit schemes since October 2008. Most pension professionals expected an increase, but I haven’t come across 85% yet, have you?
Mike Jones, Ltd, February 16th 2009

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