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19th October 2019
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Employee Seminars
The Employee Seminar service is tailored to your individual requirements, meeting both informative and educational needs. Delivered to groups or as one-to-one meetings, we can help you communicate your message effectively.
The service provides your employees and scheme members with an independent name and face and can be tailored for the benefit of: 
•        new starters / existing employees
•        leavers / redundancies
•        specific categories of employees
•        specific categories of scheme members
•        those nearing retirement
•        communicating scheme changes 
Seminars are great way to provide your employees and scheme members with up-to-date information. This can never have been more important given the frequent changes that take place both in terms of employment and pension provision. 

Employers and Trustees are adapting, amending and redesigning schemes to reflect economic factors and legislative requirements.

Providing effective information and education that is relevant to scheme members is crucial to maintaining their confidence and helping them value their pension benefits.

Our seminar service is an ideal way to provide hands-on learning and we can be generic or scheme specific. We will be pleased to quote a price when we know your scope, specification and requirements.

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