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20th June 2019
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An Ageing Workforce
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Employee retirement issues: employers reveal all 
Every once in while a research report is released which provides a truly meaningful insight into an element of retirement planning that you might otherwise have only given a passing thought to.
One such meaninful document is the IES’s latest publication about an ageing workforce.
Filled to the brim with quotes direct from small, medium and large employers, the responses are refreshingly honest. In particular, if you get the chance over a cup of coffee, read these pages: 
  • 6.3.3 Retirement planning initiatives (page 90)
  • 6.4.1 Normal retirement age (page 91)
  • 6.5 Reponses to scenario 2 – retirement, performance management and loyalty (page 95)
  • 6.5.1 Pensions and working after state pension age/normal retirement age (page 99) 
I found that whole section fascinating and it’s full of commercial opportunities for businesses engaged in the pensions arena to develop and explore to the mutual advantage of employers and employees.
Mike Jones, Ltd, October 21st 2009

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