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21st November 2019
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Who is
We are a team of pension professionals who have worked with scheme members, trustees, employers, advisers and pension providers over many years. Each of our team members has at least 20 years experience in pensions. For more information, see About Us
What do you do?
We provide Factsheets on anything that is related to employment based pension schemes where most employees have some benefits. Our Factsheets are written specifically for each of the three main categories of scheme members; active, preserved and pensioner members.
Why have you developed this website?
Our vision is to provide quality information - without the jargon - which is accurate and continuously updated. For more information, see our Mission Statement 
Isn’t there enough information widely available on the internet?
The internet is a fantastic source of information but that information comes at a price – your time. There are legal websites, technical websites, financial advice and news websites. Each offers its own view on a topic and has a different level of detail. However, the quality of information on many websites does vary and is often out of date (see examples of incorrect information).
Some websites provide information which is years out of date. This is often because a website will be a secondary function to the owner of the website. At, we believe you deserve to have access to topical and accurate information.
Why don’t you give advice?
We believe there is a need for GENERIC INFORMATION which is easily accessible. We have found that most people want to have access to reliable information which is unbiased and independent of any advice process. Our Factsheets focus on the WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, WHO and WHY. They are designed to enhance a subscribers understanding of any professional advice which they are given.  
Can’t I just rely on my Scheme Booklet for information about my pension?
Your Scheme Rules can be a sizeable document and will set out how your scheme operates. A Scheme Booklet on the other hand is only a brief explanation of what is available to scheme members. The full description of entitlements is held in a range of detailed legal documents, including the Trust Deed, the Scheme Rules and often many amending documents.
Some Booklets are detailed whilst others are very brief. With so much new legislation over recent years, schemes are having to adapt and amend Rules and practices, so Scheme Booklets can get out of date quickly. They also tend to focus more on active members, with less emphasis on the benefits for preserved and pensioner members. You ought not to rely on information in an old Scheme Booklet as Rules may have changed. 
Example: You were an active member of your pension scheme. You planned to retire at age 62, three years before your Normal Retirement Age. The scheme booklet states that active members can draw benefits at any time from age 60 (the booklet focuses mostly on active members). You changed jobs and are now a preserved member. What you didn't realise (because it wasn't important at the time) is that your scheme does not allow preserved members to retire early.
Why do I need you when my scheme has already told me what I’ve got?
Many pension schemes have improved their communications or have introduced dedicated websites for their scheme members. However, it’s not just about what your scheme provides as part of your benefits.
It’s just as important that you understand or be aware of the benefits that your scheme doesn’t provide. Knowing the limitations of your scheme will enable you to plug any gaps in your retirement provision for you and your family.
I have several pensions each from different employers – do the Factsheets cover this?
Our Factsheets are designed to help you whether you have one pension, or several pensions from different employers. If you have been a member of more than one scheme, it is essential that you understand the differences between them. As importantly, you may be an active member of one scheme and a preserved member of others. Changing categories of membership can make a significant change to your pension benefits. Our Factsheets bring these changes to your attention. Each Factsheet has a Summary and Key Points to help you.
I can’t find a Factsheet or Quicknote on the subject I’m interested in?
If there's a subject you want to know about that's pension related but you can’t find it on, then tell us. If we think it's appropriate we'll write a Factsheet about it and put in online.
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