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19th October 2019
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Online forums for questions, answers and comments. Our online forums will save HR and Pension Managers time – and we all know that time is money.
 Employer Forum
A specialist Forum just for employers, their HR departments, Pensions Managers and anyone involved in running an employer-based pension scheme. Ask questions from the simplest to the most complex. Create your own username so everyone posts anonymously: feel free to ask or comment upon whatever you like.
 Scheme Member Forum
It’s an alternative solution to the Pensions Helpline allowing scheme members to raise issues important to them. Simply direct your employees and scheme members to the Scheme Member Forum to save your valuable time. Users can choose to post anonymously for sensitive questions such as:
Will my company pension be safe?
I’m thinking of changing jobs, how will that affect my pension?
Can I work after my retirement date?
Employees, scheme members and pensioners can be encouraged to post their questions in our Scheme Member Forum if they prefer not to use the telephone. 
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