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20th July 2019
:: News | 2009 | February, 2009

An excellent news round up of what is happening in the pensions arena. I always look forward to the updates and some of the more unusual articles that they cover.
Makin, Pensions Technical Manager, Simplybiz
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February, 2009 - pension related news in the last 24 hours 
Pension news, articles, reports and research in February 2009.
February 28, Saturday
February 27, Friday
February 26, Thursday
February 25, Wednesday
Trustees' letter in full ( (Letter from the Trustees of Royal Mail Pensions to Lord Mandelson)
QROPS update (HMRC)  (25 pages)
February 24, Tuesday
February 23, Monday
February 22, Sunday
February 21, Saturday
February 20, Friday
Lifetime Allowance protection notifications (HMRC) (published added links 19/02/2009) 
Pensions Uprating (Hansard) (public sector pensions increase by 5%)
February 19, Thursday
February 18, Wednesday
February 17, Tuesday
February 16, Monday
February 15, Sunday
February 14, Saturday
February 13, Friday
February 12, Thursday
February 11, Wednesday
February 10, Tuesday
February 09, Monday
February 08, Sunday
February 07, Saturday
February 06, Friday
February 05, Thursday
February 04, Wednesday
February 03, Tuesday
February 02, Monday
February 01, Sunday
The credit-crunch rescue package being proposed by the US Government is approximately $800bn. How tall would that be as a pile of money? 
Using $1,000 dollar bills, a stack of $1m would be 4 inches tall (10cm).
$1m = 4 inches
$1bn = 4,000 inches
$800bn = 3,200,000 inches (800 x 4,000)
There are 63,360 inches to the mile.
So, $800bn = 3,200,000 / 63360
= 50.5 miles

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