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20th July 2019
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Your news roundup is great by the way. Very well liked and respected among my Pru colleagues.

Jonathan Akerman, PR Manager, Prudential UK and Europe
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October, 2010 - pension related news in the last 24 hours
Pension and 'at retirement' news, articles, reports and research in October 2010. Register to receive one daily email of our news round-up with a brief commentary from Mike Jones (it takes less than 1 minute to sign up). 
October 27, Wednesday
October 22, Friday
October 21, Thursday
October 19, Tuesday
October 14, Thursday
October 13, Wednesday
Protesters fear reforms will make things even worse (The Independent) (France: young protesters voice pension fears)
Gold inches up on weaker dollar after Fed minutes (Reuters) (on concerns more monetary easing needed)
October 12, Tuesday
October 08, Friday
October 07, Thursday
October 06, Wednesday
Gold hits new high after Japan rate move (ThisIsMoney) (Central Bank reduces bank base rate to zero)
Seminar: All's well that ends well: Managing ill-health in the workplace (Ashurst)  (3 pages) (includes pensions on ill-health retirement)
October 01, Friday
Number of pensioners in poverty has fallen by one million (HRmagazine) (see also the interesting Comment posted by Trisha Goring)

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