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20th July 2019
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By the way these news updates are excellent and save a lot of time in trawling through different things!
Vince Smith-Hughes, Head of Business Development Annuities and Drawdown, Prudential 
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September, 2009 - pension related news in the last 24 hours
Pension and 'at retirement' news, articles, reports and research in September 2009.
September 30, Wednesday
September 29, Tuesday
September 25, Friday
Jaguar Land Rover plans cost cuts and factory closure (The Times) (Closing final salary scheme to new members)
September 18, Friday
September 16, Wednesday
September 15, Tuesday
Image of a green tickRecommended Article
The Financial Ombudsman Service has today published a list of complaints against individual businesses. Quoing from the Press Release:
“We have already been providing comparative complaints data on a private basis to the larger financial businesses – but this has led to no improvement in the standard of complaints handling by the worse-performing businesses. I believe that putting this information into the open will now give those worse-performing businesses vital encouragement to improve – which should mean fewer of their customers having to bring unresolved complaints to the ombudsman.” See:  
September 11, Friday
Pensions: Planning for retirement (Retail Week) (Employer contributions to pensions are set to become mandatory in 2012. How does this affect retailers)
September 10, Thursday
Thorntons' sales double as chocolate trade returns (Times Online) (financial implications of changing pension scheme to a lifetime average salary model) 
September 09, Wednesday
September 08, Tuesday
September 04, Friday
Pensions, 1980 vs. Today (New York Times) (overseas pension trends - similarity with UK)
Mike Jones, Ltd, September 16th 2009

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