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23rd May 2019
:: Blog | November 2008 (4 blogs) | Pension information is vital for employees, says DWP report

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Pension information is vital for employees, says DWP report 
As I’ve said before, relatively few employers appear to be aware of the Government’s proposals for a new workplace pensions initiative called Personal Accounts, due to be introduced in 2012. So, it’s even more fascinating that various Government departments are busy working away on the project with next to no awareness campaign directed towards employers about the new scheme.
Nevertheless, one interesting report has just been released. In its assessment on the effects of this new pension arrangement, DWP has released a research document (no. 540) looking at what employees will need to know to decide whether to stay in or opt out of it. The research identifies seven core information requirements, detailed on page 4. See:
Mike Jones,, 12th November 2008

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