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20th March 2019
:: Blog | August 2009 (9 blogs) | Pension review: the only way forward

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Pension review: the only way forward
According to the latest research from Aon, nearly one in three pension savers pay little or no interest to how their retirement benefits are invested. In fact, nearly half of the over-25 year age group have their pensions invested in the 'default' fund of their company pension scheme.
Even more worrying is the fact that ‘…Just 13 per cent of defined contribution scheme members surveyed said they had seen an independent financial adviser to discuss fund choice and review pension progress.’
I would have though that presents a golden opportunity (a) for employers to reach out and engage employees and (b) for advisers to offer employers with structured review services. And there’s a similar opportunity for defined benefit schemes too.
Isn’t that a win-win situation? It can’t be that simple can it? See:
Mike Jones, Ltd, August 24th 2009

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