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19th October 2019
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Telephone Helpline
We’ve set up a dedicated Pensions Helpline for you to refer your employees, scheme members and pensioners to. With this service they are always just a simple phone call away from impartial help. That will free up more of your time and resources.

In our experience employees often want to ask questions but are either too embarrassed or too shy to approach someone within their own workplace or scheme. Frequently questions can be personal and sometimes of a very sensitive nature. Inevitably, in certain situations employees do not feel able to confide in, or divulge information to, directors or pension managers.  
So, our Pensions Helpline provides an alternative source of confidential help for pension related queries. And, because we’re a pension education website your employees will feel reassured that we’re not going to try and sell them, or charge them anything.
As well as answering individual questions, the Pensions Helpline answers those same constant questions that repeatedly crop up but which are nevertheless time consuming for pension departments to respond to:
      Should I take my pension early?
      Can I apply for an ill-health pension?
      What is GMP?
      Is my pension secure?
      Should I take a big lump sum or larger pension?
      Should I take the maximum tax-free cash lump sum?
      Is this a good cash commutation rate?
      What happens to my pension when I die?
Our Pensions Helpline will guide and help your employees and scheme members, giving them access to reliable information which is unbiased and independent of any advice process. Where required, we’ll signpost them to useful factsheets and resources.
And we’ll provide employers with periodic statistics telling you how many employees and scheme members used the service, whilst maintaining the confidentiality of those people in your organisation or scheme that used the Pensions Helpline.
It’s simple to set up and very cost effective.
For more details call us on 0845 123 5670     
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