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21st November 2019
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Redundancy - Early Payment
As an active member of your pension scheme, you may have had the option of early retirement. Now you are, or soon will be, made redundant, will this option still be open to you? Is it possible to negotiate early retirement terms as part of your redundancy package?
If early payment is important to you, it is essential that you investigate whether it is available and whether the terms of early payment change if you become a preserved member.
Our Factsheet on Redundancy-Early Payment asks these and many more essential questions.
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  Defined Benefit scheme members
Redundancy - Early Payment - for Active Members of Defined Benefit Schemes
Redundancy - Early Payment - for Preserved Members of Defined Benefit Schemes
Not applicable to Pensioner members
Not applicable to Pensioner members 
  Money Purchase scheme members
This Factsheet is not yet available for Money Purchase members.
This Factsheet is not yet available for Money Purchase members.

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