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19th August 2019
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Retirement plans routed by property slump 
Property has played a growing role in pension planning for many people and the current slump, first in commercial property and now in the residential market, has shaken many people’s confidence. But property, like any other asset or commodity may have a very real part to play in pension planning provided the risks are explained and understood. Risk attitude is a simple, if not basic pension guidance. A recent survey found that "...just 7.5m people, or 16% of the UK adult population, are now planning on using property to fund all or part of their retirement, compared with 13.2m, 28%, last year." What doesn’t surprise me here is that the ‘attitude’ to property investment has changed so quickly.
For the majority of people who don’t enjoy being a member of a defined benefit scheme, retirement planning is as much about risk management – spreading risks and diversifying investments - as it is about returns. Certain sectors of the property market may be on a downward spiral now, but like equities, according to history it should come good again - for those patient enough to wait. The worrying problem for many people close to retirement will be that they will have run out of time.
Mike Jones,, 10th July 2008

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