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20th March 2019
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Revealing statistics about money purchase pensions 
Politicians who ignore the growing power of pensioners do so at their peril. According to the former minister Stephen Byers, an ageing population is "the new frontier for the welfare state". Today’s headlines are full of the Government's new proposals to help pensioners with soaring fuel bills. This article covers a variety of topics including the option of introducing ‘the "granny" equivalent of childcare vouchers to help them care for a dependent relative.’
As the report puts it: ‘Britain is full of vibrant, paragliding, Harley-Davidson-riding oldies with spending power and a dim view of the grisly way in which Britain treats its elders. While inadequate pensions force some to slog until they drop, others, who would love to work, are thrown on the scrapheap.’ See:
This short article reveals some interesting statistics about money purchase pensions, although I'm not sure whether it will encourage the younger generation or discourage them. See:
Mike Jones,, 11th September 2008

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