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19th August 2019
:: Blog | October 2009 (13 blogs) | Robin Ellison to launch political party

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Robin Ellison to launch political party
You couldn’t fail to be in the pensions arena and not have heard of Robin Ellison described in this article as ‘former chairman of the National Association of Pension Funds and currently head of strategic development for pensions at Pinsent Mason.’
Well apparently, he’s about to launch a political party called the ‘U Party’. The mission statement will be to raise awareness of the failure of the main political parties in respect of their pension policies.

Within the following article, he lists his three main points which, as with any good idea, are borne out of simplicity:
  • Streamline state pensions into one system. Currently there is a state pension and a second state pension.
  • Simplify the private pensions system so that regulations cover 50 pages rather than 50,000.
  • Rethink the tax structure for pensions.
With Robin’s gravitas, not to mention his contacts, this will be an interesting development and certainly one to watch out for.  
Mike Jones, Ltd, October 15th 2009

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