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19th October 2019
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Most of the information in The Office™ is available FREE of charge. Read articles and find information on pension and 'at retirement' related issues that affect financial advisers and pension administrators. A suite of tools, questionnaires, sample reports & ‘reasons why’, case histories, news, bulletins and updates – and probably the most comprehensive pension analysis questionnaire available.
When it comes to Pension Analysis and Transfer Analysis, you want the best information available, direct from the experts. For access to our specialist Pension Analysis and Transfer Analysis forms and questionnaires, subscribe for just £15 per month.

And, from 4th January 2010, dozens of pages of pension information material for you to use to create and populate a pensions 'centre of excellence' for your own website. Plus dozens of professionally created FACTSHEETS and BROCHURES for you to pick from.
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In Tools and Services
Pension Analysis ToolsPension Analysis tools
Helping to keep your clients' retirement plans up to date.
Transfer Analysis ToolsTransfer Analysis
Essential 'how to' tools, with questionnaires written by the experts.
Generic AdviceGeneric Advice
Keep up to date on one of the Government's hottest topics.
Transfer ValuesTransfer Values
Vital source material on the latest regulatory changes.
Cash IncentivesCash Incentives
Incentives to transfer: good or bad? Current thinking & suggestions.
Get Out of Jail cardSafer Record Keeping
Make sure your records show what you have done for your clients.
Commercial OpportunitiesCommercial Opportunity
Work for your clients and your clients can work for you. more...
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