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19th October 2019
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Transfer Analysis Tools - Defined Benefit Schemes
Defined Benefit Schemes: Questionnaires, Forms and Sample Letters
Subscribe to the Adviser Zone and get access to a range of questionnaires, forms and sample letters, essential to the process of performing data collection for a Transfer Analysis for clients who have preserved benefits (also see our pension analysis forms).
A transfer analysis - where you consider the alternatives of transferring your clients' benefits out of the existing work-based scheme - is an essential service for any adviser. It is a fundamental part of any financial health check for your client.
Most defined benefit schemes offer much more than just a pension, like ill-health, death benefits, a retirement cash lump sum, or life cover. A transfer analysis reveals the strengths and weaknesses in your clients' benefits – our forms will help you plug any gaps in their retirement planning.
Don't underestimate the importance of getting hold of comprehensive data. Our questionnaires will ask the right questions, and our sample letters will ensure schemes are more willing to provide data. The Regulators, and your PI insurers, will expect a quality analysis.
Our documents include:
What’s free
and what’s not.
Pension Transfer Questionnaire (PTQ)
Letter of Authority
Information request
Initial Transfer Value Request
No prior transfer data information available
Some transfer data information already available
Some transfer data information already available from an expired TV quote
Group Schemes
More than one client in the same scheme
You already have on file the Generic section of the PTQ
1st Reminder
2nd Reminder
Transfer Value not supplied within 3 month statutory time limit
Reminder for outstanding information previously requested
Scheme Administrators refuse to complete PTQ
Original Transfer Value expired
Refusal to give a revised transfer value within 12 months
All documents are available in MS Word format for your convenience.

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