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19th October 2019
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Useful Documents
This page provides links to documents and websites produced by other organisations that we believe our visitors may find useful. Links are provided for a variety of reasons, including:  
  • for further relevant information or other key source material
  • for background information
  • for useful practical information
  • for entertainment or enjoyment
  • for further informed comment. is not responsible for external links.   

The Purple Book 2007The Purple Book 2007. This second version of the Purple Book, first published in December 2006, pulls together the latest data and analysis of the UK's defined benefit pension schemes, including scheme size, industry-type, funding levels, rates of insolvency and the way assets are invested. This year, it also contains information about the PPF. (PDF)

Inducement offers A 10 page booklet issued by The Pensions Regulator in January 2007. This guidance has been published to help scheme members, employers, and trustees identify and fully understand the implications of inducements to transfer out of defined benefit schemes or to agree to rule changes leading to benefit reductions. (PDF)

Tax and National Insurance Treatment of Cash Inducement Payments Issued on 24th January 2007, this guidance from HM Revenue & Customs explains its view on the tax and National Insurance treatment of lump sums paid to pension scheme members in return for giving up their benefit rights. (HTML) 

Security in retirement: towards a new pensions system This mammoth 226 page document, produced in May 2006 by the Department for Work and Pensions unveils the Government's proposals to modify the welfare state and pension system. (PDF)

Introductory Guide to the Pension Protection Fund This 7 page brochure, produced by the Pension Protection Fund, provides an explanation of the how it operates and the levels of compensation that will be paid. (PDF)



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