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21st November 2019
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What category of scheme member are you?
If you are a member of an employment based pension scheme you will fall into a specific category of membership: Active, preserved or pensioner
As people change jobs on average every 6 years, it is possible that you may have further benefits arising from previous membership of an employer sponsored pension scheme. You could therefore fall into more than one of the above categories.
 Active members explainedActive Member
We describe an active member of a pension scheme as someone who is continuing to build up further pension benefit in respect of service being completed.   more...
 Preserved member explainedPreserved Member (also called a ‘deferred member’)
We describe a preserved member as someone who has built up benefits in a pension scheme and who has: 
   - ceased to be an active member,
   - is not receiving pension benefit, and
   - has not transferred those benefits to another pension arrangement.   more...
 Pensioner member explainedPensioner Member
We describe a pensioner member as someone who is in receipt of their pension benefit (other than some forms of ill-health).   more…
With effect from 6th April 2006 new legislation allows schemes to permit employees reaching their pension scheme normal pension age (commonly referred to as Normal Retirement Date) to take flexible retirement. This will introduce a new category of scheme membership, which we refer to as Active-Pensioner.

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