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20th March 2019
:: Blog | July 2008 (14 blogs) | What's your BMI, baby?

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What's your BMI baby? Annuity innovation? 
Ever been asked: What's your BMI, baby? Well, as part of your retirement planning - and particularly relevant to when you're ready to take your pension or buy an annuity - it may be something else to factor into the equation if this report is anything to go on. 
When choosing an annuity, customers might soon expect to be asked just that question - in addition to others we've been accustomed to such as about our health, lifestyle and more recently, where you live! 
This short article opens with "The size of your waistline could dictate the size of your pension payout if plans from Legal & General, Britain's biggest annuity provider, come to fruition. The insurer is putting the finishing touches to a pilot scheme to be launched in September in which a person's occupation and body mass index could be used to determine how long a pension holder is likely to live and the resulting payout."  Interesting. I wonder how long it will take for pension providers to put this into their pension communication and pension guidance literature.
Mike Jones,, 14th July 2008

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