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17th November 2017
SimplyBiz - Keeping Business Simple
Simplybiz, the compliance support firm, has recommended a pension education website to financial advisers.
The website,, was launched in March 2007 to provide information and education about employment based pension schemes. Advisers can purchase a licence to provide independent pension education to their clients. Their clients can log in to the website and access a range of Factsheets about defined benefit and money purchase schemes. It also acts as a useful revision tool for advisers taking pensions exams.
Keeley Makin, Pensions Technical Manager at Simplybiz, says: “We recently discovered this website which we believe will help advisers in two ways: improve client awareness about important retirement issues as well as increase adviser knowledge. Informed clients will return to their advisers for further advice, creating new business opportunities”.
The service is also designed to help advisers generate new business. Mike Jones, Director at says: “Using the services and tools offered in the Adviser Zone, financial advisers will be well placed to plug the gaps and weaknesses in their clients’ retirement provision”. 
“Providing clients with an independent pension information and education service will make them better equipped to take decisions about their retirement provisions. Clients are becoming much more inquisitive about what benefits they are entitled to (and as importantly, what they are not). In recommending the website Simplybiz recognises the importance of pension education as a service that advisers should be offering to clients.”
For details about how a Group Subscription licence can help you, your business and your clients, take a 15 minute wander around the Adviser Zone.
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