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19th August 2019
:: Blog | January 2009 (12 blogs) | Standard Life Pension Sterling Fund: when 'cash' is not king

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Standard Life Pension Sterling Fund: when 'cash' is not king 
When Standard Life wrote-down their Pension Sterling Fund by 5% recently, I wonder whether they knew what kind of backlash to expect from investors. According to the media articles listed below the average investment of £19,000 will have lost around £1,000. That’s a loss that would raise most heads - even in today’s unstable market conditions.
But to make the ‘correction’ all in one week beggars belief - especially when it appears that most investors seem to have considered this to be a ‘safe, no risk’ investment. One lesson learned by investors in the current recession is that cash is not as safe or risk-free as many had thought it to be.
For anybody involved in pensions there is a lesson to be learned from this and I’d recommend if you have 10 minutes (get a cup of coffee first), that you read the gathering angst on the forum thread on
This story has a long way to go yet! See:
Mike Jones,, 19th January 2009

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